School: Georgia Tech

Division: Georgia Division

Team Members:

* David Gong – Graduating December 2019
* Kaipeng Xu – Graduating May 2020
* Winnie Yeung – Graduating August 2019
* Jeffrey Ma – Graduating May 2019
* Erik Pulido – Graduating December 2019
* Jonathan Lian – Graduating May 2019
* Victor Chen – Graduating May 2019
* Ricardo Lages – Graduating December 2019
* Asees Singh – Graduating May 2023
* Nathan Metzger – Graduating May 2021
* Mustafa Koseoglu – Graduating May 2023
* Sri Krishna Yerramilli – Graduating May 2023
* Gustav Rodstrom – Graduating May 2019
* Leo Zhang – Graduating May 2023
* Chace Lin – Graduating May 2020

How often and where does the team practice?

Our club practices three times a week on the fourth floor of Georgia Tech’s Campus Recreation Center on Mondays 6-8 PM, Thursdays 6-8 PM, and Fridays 7-10 PM. Georgia Tech is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

What is best part of being on your school’s team?

Our club has all the table tennis necessities: funds, equipment, tables, reserved space, financial support, etc. Georgia Tech and its student government are even able to graciously reimburse many of our tournament and flight fees, allowing us to send our team members to many tournaments throughout the year. Furthermore, our club has instituted structured training sessions, league play, and open play to cater to everyone’s preferences.

However, the best part of being on Georgia Tech’s team ultimately boils down to the people who make it up. Although our team is very diverse in terms of nationalities and cultures, everyone is like-minded in improving their skills, and they always support each other—be it through guidance in training, improving form, or simply forging friendships. As a result, we have been able to develop a strong sense of camaraderie while representing our university in tournaments and having fun at the same time.

Which school member is the Team’s MVP and why?

From our club’s poll results, Jonathan Lian is the team’s MVP because he dedicates a lot of his time to making sure the team goes to tournaments, has funding, has good equipment, and is improving. Although there is a wide array of skill levels in the club, he dedicates time to helping everyone improve through general guidance, coaching, or even multiball feeding. Jonathan is the reason why practice and league play runs smoothly, and he always makes sure every member’s tournament experience is flawless and fun.

What are the team’s goal this and next season?

As a team, we strive to keep improving upon previous performances and continue bringing home trophies or titles from tournaments. We also would like to maintain the competitive aspect of our club by continuing to send players of all skill levels to USATT or NCTTA tournaments, and this would require us to keep on being scrupulous for planning out such trip logistics. Finally, our foremost goal is to stay passionate for table tennis and continue having fun!

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