Birthdate/Age: 23 years old August 16th 1995

Home Club: Strongsville Table Tennis Club/ Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy

Coach(es): Valerie Elnatonov (Russian Coach) , Samson Dubina, Danny Seemiller, Jon Bosika, Hans Thalin (Sweden), Peter Karlsson (Sweden)

Equipment: blade/rubber/glue Viscaria Blade, with Evolution Mx-p max sponge both sides

Highest Rating/Ranking: 2477

Best wins: Adar Alguetti, Samson Dubina, Chance Friend, Shashin Shodhan (all have come recently)


  • Swedish Division 1 league player
  • Top 12 finisher in 2018 TTTeam Columbus Ohio
  • Round of 16 US Nationals 2018
  • 2017 U2400 Arura Cup Winner
  • 2017 Erie PA Open Winner

Favorite Drills: 1.) I like to do three point drill 2.) Opponent receives my serve long in Backhand or short in Forehand. 3.) Opponent serves I play short then free point. My short game is always a work in progress.

Favorite Tournament: I really enjoyed the Finland Open, many matches against good players from many countries. Favorite US Tournament is the Joola Teams Event. Im a big fan of playing a lot of matches the experience is invaluable.

How you got involved in table tennis: My Dad enjoyed the game a lot when he was younger and thought that it would be a great sport for our whole family to play together. Valerie found us by chance and the rest is history!

Goals in the sport: My goal is simple, everyday to try and get better, I would love it if I was able to play professionally for the next few years of my life, I really enjoy the process of practicing everyday and working hard.

Advice to juniors: Find a good coach if you want to get better. Don’t be afraid to sign up for events you’ll be killed in, Seeing the higher levels gives you a vision of where your game needs to go if you want to keep improving. Never give up or think your outclassed, moments when you feel you have nothing left are the times you come up with something new or find out there is more in the tank that you didn’t know was there.

Racket: Butterfly Viscaria and Tibhar Evolution MX-P

Facebook fan page: Seth Pech, I’m friends with my “fans” 🙂

Instagram: Sethdan

Youtube Channel:

Current Training situation (club): Lyckeby BTK Sweden