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Jimmy Butler on JUIC’s Stellan Bengtsson Alpha Blade


Jim Butler plays with JUIC's Stellan Bengtsson Alpha blade. He is a four-time US Men's... Read More

Coaching Tip: Practicing Serves the Productive Way

larry-gregIt's almost a cliché. I hand someone a box of balls to practice their serves. They grab a ball and... Read More

Coaching Tip: Holding Back on Serves

Suppose you have a tricky serve that gives your opponent all sorts of problems. But suppose... Read More

New Calibra Family Of Rubber From STIGA: Choose Your Trajectory

This cool new table tennis video featuring Jean-Michel Saive, welcomes you to STIGA's Calibra family of rubbers with plenty of slow... Read More


Jim Butler, past national champion believes that, "Making your deep serves in to a weapon can be accomplished by every player.... Read More

ICC Head Coach Massimo Constantini Details the Importance of Stance and Posture to the “Ready Position”

Massimo Constantini is ICC's Head Coach. There he continues working with the three current US Olympians as-well-as... Read More