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Tips and trick to help you improve your game!

7 benefits of using a table tennis robot

Courtesy of Tom Lodziak 00:00-09:56 The Benefits of Using a...

The Therapeutic Benefits of Ping Pong for Parkinson’s Patients

Ping pong therapy has gained recognition as an enjoyable and...

Improve Backhand Speed, Short Backhand Flips & More

Courtesy of Seth Pech of PechPong Quick Tips with links–...

Mastering the Backhand Loop in Table Tennis

Courtesy of Seth Pech of PechPong Chapters00:00 Intro 00:39 Video...

8 Reason You Will Improve

How do you take your game to the next step?...

Table Tennis Mental Test

Rate Yourself 0-10 On Each Question First, take the 10-question test!...
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