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Why Does Great Practice Not Always Result in Great Results?

xu_xin_crop Sometimes players will work very hard over the summer training many hours each day. But at the end of the...

How to Watch a Professional Table Tennis Player, by Samson Dubina

nakedplayerWhen watching a professional player, what you are looking at? Are you looking at the bright color of his shoes, the...

Beating Your Friends in Table Tennis, by Samson Dubina

Samson DubinaSometimes, beating your regular training partners, fellow club members, and best friends in table tennis can be very difficult because it...

The Attacking Mindset, by Samson Dubina

Kasumi_Ishikawa_1_morecropped If you are an offensive players, there are 2 aspects of the game that you need to master. The first aspect is...

Serving Against a Strong Attacker, by Samson Dubina

OvtcharovYour opponent is attacking your short serve and you are frustrated that you can’t stop him from attacking your serve. What should...

Ball Placement: Stepping Around your Backhand, by Samson Dubina

There is one shot in table tennis that will really hurt you. Knowing where to place the ball is absolutely critical. Body...
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