Courtesy of Anders Lind -Anders has relied on #DONIC for many years and plays with an Original True Carbon blade and Bluegrip C2 on Backhand and BlueStar A1 on Forehand.

Mastering the Backhand Slice in Table Tennis


Table tennis enthusiasts often seek to improve their skills, and mastering the backhand slice is a coveted technique. In this tutorial, we’ll delve into the intricacies of executing a perfect backhand slice. We’ll explore the technique, essential pointers, preferred situations for its application, and tips for consistent performance.

Technique Breakdown

Executing a flawless backhand slice requires attention to technique. Here’s a breakdown of key elements:

**Low Body Position:** Maintain a low stance, ensuring you meet the ball at its lowest point.
**Timing:** Hit the ball as it descends, allowing it to naturally generate speed upon contact with the racket.
**Follow-Through:** Commit fully to the shot, ensuring a complete follow-through to maximize spin and control.

Key Pointers

Consider these crucial pointers to enhance your backhand slice:

**Body Alignment:** Keep your body aligned with the incoming ball, resembling a touch receive stance initially.
**Rotation:** Rotate into the shot, utilizing the left leg to enhance rotation and stability.
**Consistency:** Aim for consistency by focusing on clean, controlled shots rather than excessive power.

Preferred Situations

While the backhand slice isn’t suitable for every serve, certain situations are ideal for its application:

**Against Side Spin:** Utilize the backhand slice against side-spinning serves, such as pendulum serves, for optimal effect.
**Top Spin Serves:** Counter top-spin serves by going against the spin, ensuring a secure touch with minimal effort.
**Unorthodox Shots:** Deploy the backhand slice for unorthodox situations, such as when distance from the table limits spin options, catching opponents off-guard.

Practice Makes Perfect

Achieving mastery requires consistent practice and experimentation. Here’s a suggested practice regimen:

– **Repetition:** Practice the backhand slice repeatedly to internalize the technique and build muscle memory.
– **Variation:** Experiment with different situations and spins to adapt the backhand slice to various scenarios.
– **Consistency Testing:** Challenge yourself by attempting consecutive successful backhand slices to gauge proficiency.


Mastering the backhand slice in table tennis is a rewarding endeavor that enhances your overall gameplay. By understanding the technique, practicing diligently, and identifying optimal situations, you can elevate your performance and surprise opponents with your skill and precision. Keep practicing, stay focused, and enjoy the journey of improvement in your table tennis journey. See you on the table!