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7 Keys to Developing a New Serve

by Samson Dubina In table tennis, there are some standard serves and there are also some unusual serves. Should you be creative or just follow the crowd? Well, creativity is always... Read More

Maximum Service Spin

2015 & 2016 USATT Technology Coach of the Year, Samson Dubina shares an inexpensive way to improve the amount of spin you can get on your serve.  Yes, it will... Read More

Jimmy Butler on JUIC’s Stellan Bengtsson Alpha Blade


Jim Butler plays with JUIC's Stellan Bengtsson Alpha blade. He is a four-time US Men's... Read More

Coaching Tip: Where to Serve Short?

Many players understand the need to serve short (in addition to long serves), since short serves... Read More

Coaching Tip: A Step-by-Step Sequence to Learning Pendulum Serves

Want to learn a really spinny pendulum serve? Not just a get-the-ball-in-play one that anyone can... Read More

Coaching Tip: Height of Service Toss

How high should you toss the ball when you serve? At all levels there's a huge... Read More