Courtesy of Seth Pech of PechPong

Seth’s Equipment – Tibhar VS Unlimited Blade with Tibhar K3 on both forehand and backhand.

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Exploring the No Spin Loop in Table Tennis


In the realm of table tennis, there exists a technique known as the no spin loop, a shot often overlooked but widely utilized by professionals. This article delves into the nuances of this stroke, its significance, and how players can integrate it into their repertoire.

Understanding the No Spin Loop

The no spin loop is a stroke resembling a traditional loop but deliberately employs less spin. This intentional reduction in spin serves various strategic purposes in the game.

Reasons Behind Its Usage

  • Disruptive Effect: Professionals employ the no spin loop to disrupt their opponent’s rhythm and timing due to the unconventional nature of the shot.
  • Safety Net: Players may resort to this stroke when caught off guard, as it offers a safer alternative with a higher likelihood of landing on the table.

Technique Breakdown

Forehand Technique

  • Maintain a more open racket angle.
  • Execute with a slightly rigid body posture.
  • Vary spin by adjusting the angle and motion of the stroke.

Backhand Technique

  • Open racket angle.
  • Implement a “bump” motion with less spin.
  • Flexibility in the elbow movement to carry the ball.

Scenarios for Application

Surprise Balls to Backhand

  • React to unexpected no spin or under spin shots by adjusting the racket angle.
  • Prevent errors and maintain control over the rally.

Wide Pushes to Forehand

  • Counter wide pushes by utilizing the no spin loop to maintain position and pressure on the opponent.

Balls off the Side of the Table

  • Employ the no spin loop to alter the ball’s trajectory, timing, and spin, creating difficulties for opponents.

Down-the-Line Shots

  • Exploit the lack of spin to execute unexpected down-the-line shots, catching opponents off guard.

Misjudged Under Spin Balls

  • Salvage medium-long balls with under spin by lifting them over the net with minimal spin.

Practicing the No Spin Loop

  • Utilize robots or practice partners to simulate various scenarios.
  • Focus on mastering the technique and touch required for effective execution.


The no spin loop serves as a valuable tool in a table tennis player’s arsenal, offering versatility and strategic advantages in different game situations. Understanding and incorporating this technique can elevate one’s gameplay and appreciation for the sport. As you delve deeper into the world of table tennis, the significance of the no spin loop becomes increasingly apparent, showcasing the skill and ingenuity of professional players.