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Learn how to improve your game 500 points this year! By Samson Dubina Every table tennis player should strive for dexterity.  This is a skill that some players are naturally... Read More

Probabilities vs Indicators

Learn About Anticipation By Samson Dubina A probability is what is likely to happen, an indicator is what is happening.  Why is it important to understand these terms?  Because your... Read More

Samson Dubina: Devastate the Smart/Dumb Guy

samson2Some players know how to anticipate and adjust quite well during a match, usually these players are viewed as being “SMART”; while... Read More

Coaching Tip: Do Something Different

These days it seems like everyone's trying to be like everyone else. That's a pretty successful... Read More

Mental Strategies – Guess or Not to Guess?

Samson Dubina In table tennis, there are 2 aspects of anticipation. The first is to... Read More

Coaching Tip: Should you Choose Serve, Receive, or Side at the Start of a Match?

The time when a player is most likely to miss easy shots is at the very... Read More