NITTAKU, PADDLE PALACE, and USATT are pleased to announce the selection of the NITTAKU 3-Star Premium Ball as the official ball of USA Table Tennis for 2012-2015.  NITTAKU is the exclusive ball for the U.S. Open and the U.S. National Championships.

The NITTAKU 3-Star Premium ball has long been recognized by top players around the world as the highest quality ball. NITTAKU is the official ball for the 2012 Olympics in London. It has been used in more international competitions than any other ball since its first World Championships debut in Nagoya, Japan in 1971. NITTAKU has been used at the US Nationals and US Open every year for the last 32 years. 

In addition to balls, NITTAKU is also well-known for its excellence in producing a full range of high-quality blades, rubber, and accessories. Paddle Palace Table Tennis is the sole North American distributor for NITTAKU products.

“NITTAKU and PADDLE PALACE look forward to continuing the long-time partnership with USATT for promoting and growing the sport of Table Tennis in the USA,” said Judy Hoarfrost, CEO, PADDLE PALACE TABLE TENNIS.

“We are delighted to know that the Partnership with NITTAKU and PADDLE PALACE is secured for the next sponsorship cycle and we are excited for the opportunity to look for ways to enhance the value of the relationship in the years to come in ways that go beyond the scope of this agreement,” said Michael D. Cavanaugh, CEO, USA TABLE TENNIS.