Stellan Bengtsson

Stellan Bengtsson

The Willamette Table Tennis Club in Salem, Oregon is pleased to announce our next Stellan and Angie Bengtsson training camp for summer 2011. This is a special training opportunity with one of the great coaches of the world in a small group setting. Stellan is the 1971 World Singles Champion whose coaching credentials include Waldner, Persson, Karlsson, Lindh, Maze, and other greats. Stellan speaks excellent English, has incredible knowledge, and is truly a gifted teacher.

Here is what Sean O’Neill (himself a former top American player and excellent coach) has to say about training with Stellan: “Stellan is by far the best coach I have ever worked with and I have worked with a number of the best Swedish and Chinese coaches of the last 30 years… I want to stress that if you are a serious player or coach you are missing an opportunity of a lifetime if you don’t take advantage of this unique opportunity… I would guess the 5 days of intense training would be the equivalent of probably 8-10 months of weekly lessons.”

Our camp provides an opportunity to learn from Stellan in a small group setting of 12 to 14 serious-minded players in an excellent playing facility. Great lighting, top quality tables, professional floor mats for four of our tables, and lots of space all help to make learning easier. If you ever wanted to improve your game, this is your opportunity.

This summer we will have two camps run on consecutive weeks:
Session I: Wednesday August 24, 2011 through Sunday August 28, 2011
Lower Group Rating Range 900 to 1350.
Upper Group Rating Range 1800 to 2250.

Session II: Thursday September 1, 2011 through Monday September 5, 2011
Rating Range 1350 to 1800.

Each camp is limited to 14 players, so this is a very personal experience. The first camp will be divided into two groups. The lower group will be for those rated 900-1350 and the upper group will be 1800-2250. The 14 player maximum is for both groups combined, so each group will end up about 6 to 8 players.

The fee for each camp is $500. This provides five days of training at six hours a day (the facility is open for longer hours for those who wish extra practice).

The camps are held in Salem, Oregon, which is a beautiful place to visit at that time of year. Our facility is a large warehouse with excellent lighting, high ceilings, and lots of space, and about half of our table on professional mats (the other half will be on concrete floors). 

Registration is online through our web site. Please register at

At our last March camp, we filled up very quickly and ended up with a waiting list of people. If you don’t want to end up on a waiting list, I recommend you register early. If you’re interested but not sure, you might want to email me just in case.

If you have questions, you can write to me directly at or call me at 503-851-2941. Let me add that Stellan and Angie really enjoy this camp because everyone has so much fun and learns so much. If you love table tennis, this is a great way to spend a week. 

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!
Ben Bednarz
President, Willamette Table Tennis Club
Salem, OR

P.S. Even if you can’t come yourself, please spread the word. You can forward this message or you download the PDF file from our web site at hand it out at your club. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!