Facing a strong opponent is no easy task. When that opponent has two additional siblings that are also highly ranked, you have your work cut out for you. This edition of PechPong, Seth features his match analysis against the entire Alguetti family: twins Sharon and Gal plus older brother Adar. Sit back and enjoy some great shot making and honest insight with Seth Pech on how he can improve his game and yours.

Singles, Doubles, and now Triples! We hope you enjoyed watching Seth go at it with Sharon, Gal and Adar. If you play on the East Coast or Midwest you will surely run into one of these superstar at the major events.

Seth’s Blade – https://bit.ly/SethsBlade
Seth’s FH Rubber – https://bit.ly/SethsFH
Seth’s BH Rubber – https://bit.ly/SethsBH

Paddle Palace Pro Tip – Family members rule the sport! Seemillers, Boggans, Butlers, Sweerises, Gees, Hughs, Altos, Nareshes, Sungs, Yus, Zarehbins, Tans, Piyadasas and of course the Alguettis prove that having a built-in training partner(s) and teammate(s) is the way to go!

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