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Coaching Tip: Covering and Recovering From the Middle

Most coaches stress that you should place most shots to one of three spots: the wide...

Put the Ball on the Table!

Samson Dubina

Once a player has mastered all four aspects, he might feel that he should...

Zhou Xin Recognized as 2012 Coach of the Year

Zhou Xin

Congratulations to Zhou Xin who has been recognized by the USATT as its 2012 National...

Coaching Tip: Winning with Backspin for the Non-Chopper

You don't need to be a chopper to win with backspin, even in this modern age...

Lily Zhang on Mental Toughness

Lily Zhang US Nat 2012 A

Lily Zhang won the 2013 US Women's Singles Championship after traveling...

Choosing the Right Equipment to Match Your Table Tennis Playing Style

Yahao US Nat 2012

Yahao Zhang, 2012, U-21 US National Champion tells how how important matching the...

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