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Coaching Tip: Playing Choppers

There is nothing more infuriating than losing to a patient chopper who lets you beat yourself...

Coaching Tip: Real Tactics Versus Parroting Tactics

"Real Tactics" are the tactics that a player should use in a given match to maximize...

Coaching Tip: Pushing Change of Direction

Far too often players make two mistakes when pushing. First, they push to the backhand over...

Coaching Tip: What to Do at the End of a Close Game

You know the problem: you're playing well, you're battling with stronger players, and every game is...

Coaching Tip: Tools and Tactics for the Physically Challenged

Table Tennis is an Olympic Sport, and at the highest levels, is played by some of...

Coaching Tip: Playing the Big Backhand Player

How does one play an opponent with a big backhand? There are several versions of this...

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