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Coaching Tip – Covering the Middle with the Forehand

One of the so-called axioms of table tennis is this: Against balls to your middle, if...

Coaching Tip: Dummy Loops

In this modern game of topspin, many players battle to see who can get more topspin...

20 Table Tennis Tips That Will Lead You to a Winning Game

Tahl at tableTahl Leibovitz first picked up a table tennis racket at the South Queens...

Seth Pech Tells Why He Plays with Tibhar’s Q1 XD Rubber

Seth-Pech_mugAbout a month ago I picked up two sheets of Q1 XD from Tibhar to try...

Coaching Tip: Learning to Counterloop

Once you get past serve & receive, the basic rallying shot at the highest levels is...

Choosing the Right Equipment to Match Your Table Tennis Playing Style

Yahao US Nat 2012

Yahao Zhang, 2012, U-21 US National Champion tells how how important matching the...

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