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Coaching Tip: Backhand and Forehand Playing Distance

At the intermediate and advanced levels (below world-class level), the most common rallying style combines forehand...

New Calibra Family Of Rubber From STIGA: Choose Your Trajectory

This cool new table tennis video featuring Jean-Michel Saive, welcomes you to STIGA's Calibra family of rubbers with plenty of slow...

Coaching Tip: How to Handle the First Loop Off Backspin

A loop against backspin comes at you differently than one against block or topspin. At the...

Coaching Tip: If You Can See It, You Can Loop It

This Tip is for those who wish to reach a high level of play, and who...

Nittaku’s Fastarc G-1 Table Tennis Rubber Is Getting Great Reviews!

One of my best friends from Japan suggested that I try the new Nittaku...

Coaching Tip: Make a Game of Your Weaknesses

One of the best ways to improve is to make a game that zeroes in on...

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