Seth-Pech_mugQ1 XD Rubber Analysis
By Seth Pech

     About a month ago I picked up two sheets of Q1 XD from Tibhar to try them out.  I put them on my paddle and gave it a go and really liked what I was feeling. I had played with the Q1 original sheets before and the sponge was too soft for me. When I played with Q1 XD, which has a harder sponge, I was really impressed with the consistency of the trajectory that the ball enters and exits the rubber. I was also impressed with the amount of spin the rubber generates, even though it doesn’t look or feel grippy.

     Most rubbers change under different weather conditions, particularly in humid conditions. They just don’t seem to get the same amount of grip. The Q1 XD rubber is the exception. It preforms amazingly well under all conditions. Humid or dry I can generate a lot of spin. For me to have both is a huge plus. It’s really important to know that your rubber is able to perform in all conditions.

     As I stated before I liked the hardness of the sponge. With a hard sponge it is easier to receive serve and also to flat hit the ball. Plus when I back off the table the rubber is still able to take the ball the distance with some speed and spin. When I test rubbers I like to see a lot of ball penetration, particularly when I loop with my forehand. Too often I find rubbers that throw the ball too high or too low. With Q1 XD I get that preferred penetration.

     Another aspect I look for in rubbers is the ability to hit hard with both my forehand and backhand. Often times the sponge will fold on you and throw the ball way off the mark. With XD I don’t have to worry about that either. It is able to hold up and hit the mark. Overall I found that Q1 XD is a great rubber that I might stay with for a long time!


Seth Pech is living in Rissen, Germany, where he attends school. He plays with team Moorage, about 30 minutes from Rissen. They are in the Hamburg  5th league. He trains at least 3 tmies per week for two to three hours and helps out with the Moorage kids program before each practice.