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3 Keys to Winning Deuce Games

Coach Samson Dubina will explain the keys to winning those tight games at DEUCE. If you are going to make the podium you are going to need to win the...

How Many Matches Should I Play Each Week?

To improve you must challenge yourself. Should you do more drills or play more matches? Let Coach Samson Dubina shares his thoughts on this important topic to help you reach...

3 Drills That Will Level Up Your Game

Paddle Palace Star Player and Coach, Seth Pech along with PandaPong share 3 Drills everyone should practice on a regular basis to to improve. Learn some terrific secrets to improving...

Top 5 Points from Sun Yingsha

The “Little Sun” brings it from all angles! Observe her blistering backhand attack from the backcourt. Check out these top 5 points compiled by World Table Tennis. Timo uses: Blade:...

Top 5 Points from Timo Boll

Timo continues to wow his fans with Houdini moves near and far! Hand switch? Get out of town! Check out these top 5 points compiled by World Table Tennis. Timo...

Seth Pech vs Sharon Alguetti at the 2022 Presper Financial Architects Open

Seth breaks down his match with US Team Member Sharon Alguetti. Match Tactics Discussed Sharon Plays Backhand to Seth’s middle and Seth takes the ball to his forehand 0:38 1:20...
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