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5 Aspects of Ball Selection

Choosing the right ball for your next match can be tricky. You want to find one without any soft spots, cracks, or wobbles. The size (40mm) and weight (2.7g) should...

HOW TO Master an Unstoppable Forehand Loop

Paddle Palace Star Player and Coach, Seth Pech wants to help you master the most important shot in the game. Seth provides a full tutorial to learn how the Chinese...

I Challenged the INTERNET – Adam Bobrow

LA Ping-Ponger | NCTTA Fan | ITTF/WTT Voice | PingPodder | Table Tennis Ambassador Adam wanted to give as many people as possible a chance to play at Bryant Park...

AGTTA 2022 Paddle Palace Spring Open

Jimmy Butler (TX) took top honors in Norcross, GA on March 5 defeating and international field of players from around the state of Georgia. This is Jimmy’s second recent tournament...

Sarah Jalli – WTT Update

Dear Paddle Palace & Nittaku,       I just wanted to give you a quick update on my results and experiences over the last month and what is coming up...

St. Louis Table Tennis Super League

Registration – The season will begin on March 21st, but registration will remain open so players can jump in at any time. Check out the St. Louis Table Tennis Super...
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