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Calvary School Table Tennis

Holland Table Tennis

We had our 4th Annual group of kids from Calvary Schools of Holland. They were bused over to our...

Coaching Tip: Multiball Training

Most rallies at the intermediate level start out with backspin, often with the server looking to...

Review of new plastic Table Tennis Ball

Australian Olympian William Henzell received a proto-type of the new plastic table tennis ball at the 2012 World Championships in Dortmund....

NITTAKU Selected Again as Official Ball of USA Table Tennis

NITTAKU, PADDLE PALACE, and USATT are pleased to announce the selection of the NITTAKU 3-Star Premium Ball as the official...

Table Tennis Moves to the Urban Outdoors

 Here in New York City there’s a park which is on...

Paddle Palace at the 2011 US Open

Thanks to all of our good friends and customers who visited us at this year's US Open booth! There were many exciting...

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