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What is FastPong?

#SDTTA Coach Samson Dubina introduces a new game/technology to make playing with your robot or multi-ball more fun – FastPong. If you can attend a SDTTA clinic or tournament, give...

STIGA Royal Series

Paddle Place is pleased to carry the Royal Series which is the latest racket series from STIGA. All made with different characteristics, from the well-renowned WRB-technology and Crystal-technology, to the...

Nittaku Hino Blade 7.22 Review

Paddle Palace Club Coach Jiwei Xia shares his views on Nittaku’s new Hino Blade 7.22. Made with the finest Kiso Hinoki wood, which on average is aged 300 years. This...

New Stiga Legacy Carbon

STIGA Legacy Carbon is a 5+2-ply carbon blade that combines the new 12k Energy Carbon fibre with three different classic STIGA wood veneers and thicknesses. The high-end 12k Energy Carbon...


The DNA series is STIGA’s first table tennis rubber manufactured in Germany. These table tennis rubbers are designed for a wide range of table tennis players and playing styles, from...

STIGA – 75 years of handmade innovation from Sweden

STIGA blades have been well-renowned and considered world-leading ever since we began our journey in 1944. For over 75 years our blades, under our own production, have been the heart...
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