LA Ping-Ponger | NCTTA Fan | ITTF/WTT Voice | Table Tennis Ambassador

Adam Bobrow makes the sport of table tennis fun, both on and off the court. Up in the booth for the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), at a World Table Tennis event or showing off his backcourt skills from around the world against everyday players, Adam is ready for his next challenger.

The host of the andro Ask a Pro Anything series, Mr. Bobrow allows us to meet and greet our world class idols off the table. Playing the Pros with a spot or getting them to show their dance moves is guaranteed to strike a pose, smile, laugh or even a DHS Hurricane 3 colored blush! No question is off-limits and Adam makes sure the Pro’s are having gangnam style fun.

If you’ve subscribed to Adam’s YouTube Channel you have seem some of the most amazing shot come off his andro Treiber Series blade with andro Rasanter R45 on both sides.

andro Rasanter Rubber

Adam’s strengths are many: loaded serves, curving counter loops, and insane lobs that can leap over an opponent’s head. However, he is best known for his wiggling snake shots from below the table surface that will jump 90 degree in either direction leaving his opponent often eating a Nittaku Ball sandwich or needing an out-of-socket shoulder adjustment! If you can return that one, then you will be ready for his around the net shots on both the forehand and backhand sides!

Table Tennis is serious. Table Tennis is fun. Adam makes it seriously fun and we at Paddle Palace applaud his efforts to spread the good word around the globe one table at a time. Here are some our favorite Challenges and Interviews. Enjoy!

andro Ask a Pro Anything

andro table tennis rubber