Courtesy of Frank Yin.

Team Paddle Palace’s Frank Yin demonstrates how he initiates his 3rd ball opening attack off his serve, followed by a quick tempo topspin and finishing off with a FH or BH drive to the open court. This type of drill will help you develop your balance, follow through and timing when playing an up-tempo strategy.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Keep and eye on your opponent the entire time to look for weak locations to target.
  • Be aware of the depth of your opening loop to force your opponent on the defense. If your opening loop is too short, you will encourage them to counter attack and gain the upper hand on timing.
  • Keep your racket high in ready position after the opening as their block will be coming at you with pace.
  • Make sure your serves are double bouncing so you don’t have to block on your 3rd shot.

Thank you, Frank for the Paddle Palace Quick Video Tip and best of luck in your upcoming events!