March 5, 2022

Lucky Shoals Recreation Center, 4651 Britt Rd. Norcross, GA 30071

Sanctioned by USA Table Tennis as a Two Star Tournament
Sponsored by the Atlanta Georgia Table Tennis Association (AGTTA)
Tournament Director and Referee: Sean O’Connell (CR/CU) Contact: 706-254-5402 /
Committee: Sean O’Connell, Brian Crisp, Wendell Dillon, Helen Zhang
Eligibility: Open to all members of USA Table Tennis (USATT). Non-members may join the USATT by including the membership fee with their entry fee. Players who are not current USATT members may buy a basic Membership for $25.
Omnipong: Players should enter on the web and pay at Download Entry Blank. Enter with your USATT #. Unrated players should submit estimated rating, also include contact information of source for estimated rating.
Deadline: Saturday, February 26, 2022. Entry fees must accompany entry form. $5 additional fee for late entries and entries not paid by February 26, 2022.
Refunds: No refunds after Deadline. Refunds available prior to deadline upon request.
Reporting and Starting Times: Players must check-in at the control desk before 8:45am, play begins at 9:00am. The control desk will allow check-ins beginning at 8:30am. Players that arrive late may be defaulted for the entire event (and replaced by an alternate) at the discretion of the referee.
Practice: The gym will be open for practice at 8:00 a.m.
Umpires: Provided upon request, if available.
Rules: The Laws of Table Tennis as published by the ITTF and all USATT regulations will be enforced.

Equipment: Only USATT approved equipment will be used. 16 Donic tables and nets; white Nittaku ★★★ Premium 40+ (plastic) balls; wooden floors.

  • Rackets – One side of the racket must be bright red or another color recently approved by ITTF, the other side black. No complete regluing unless it is a new sheet of rubber. Partial re-gluing may be done with the permission of and under supervision of the referee.
  • Clothing – The USATT Dress Code applies. The main color of the body of the shirt or shorts may not be white. Please dress in appropriate athletic attire. Designs or lettering that are distracting to an opponent or are offensive will not be permitted. Rubber-soled, non-marking, shoes must be worn.

Format: Giant Round Robin

  • $70 per Player. 60 player limit. Only 5 players under 1000 rating will be accepted.
  • Players will be divided into two groups. All players advance. The top players will go into Championship, Class AA, and Class A. The other players will go into Class B, C, D.
    • Play will be in Three Stages:
      • Preliminary: Begins at 9:00am. 10 groups of 6 players complete a round robin.
      • Stage 2: Begins at 1:30pm. Based on playing records in the Preliminary groups, players will be placed into class round robin events. Each event will have 2 groups of 5 players.
      • Stage 3: Begins at approximately 4:00pm. Single elimination of group winners and runners-up.
      • All games will be to 11 points; Championship event best of 7 for final match only; all other matches are best of 5 games.

Awards: Championship – 1st $700, 2nd $350, Semi-finalists $100 each; Class AA – 1st $140, 2nd $70; Class A – 1st $70; Class B 1st $70. Trophies for 1st and 2nd in all events.

Tournament HotelHampton Inn: 5655 Jimmy Carter Blvd – (770) 446-3210

Numerous restaurants are only a short driving distance from Lucky Shoals.

Entry Form

Name _______________________ Phone ____________ Rating __________

Street _________________________________________Club________________

City, State, ZIP _________________________ USATT# __________ ; expires __________

Email address ________________________ Gender: M / F Club _______________

Date of birth (required for all memberships)

USATT membership: Pro $75 1 yr ❏ Basic $25 1 yr ❏ $______

Giant Round Robin – $70 ❏ $________

Total Money Enclosed (Including USATT Membership fee/renewal fee, if necessary): $_______

I agree to comply with all USATT regulations. I accept full responsibility for my participation and relieve the sponsors and the USATT of any liability for injury to myself or damage to my property. I have signed or will sign the comprehensive liability waiver.

X__________________________ Date: __________

Nittaku Balls
Official Ball of 2022 Paddle Palace Spring Open