STIGA blades have been well-renowned and considered world-leading ever since we began our journey in 1944. For over 75 years our blades, under our own production, have been the heart and soul of STIGA Table Tennis. Our philosophy has always been to find the perfect balance of quality, design and playing characteristics. All are handmade, using innovative thinking with classic design, in Sweden.

All throughout our history, we have always valued and respected the environment and rightfully considered wood a living and organic part of nature. Therefore, we’ve always strived to secure and promote responsible management of the world’s forests. 

All STIGA blades are made in Eskilstuna, Sweden and developed, designed and produced in our state-of-the-art production complex, equipped with top of the line high tech equipment, operated by our world class staff with years of experience in wood, fiber materials, environmentally friendly adhesives and R&D.

This combination of innovative machinery and human proficiency is what supports our continuous improvements in handmade blade production and our ongoing promise to keep building world champions.

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