Advice To Beginner Coaches

Many aspiring coaches talk to me about improving their coaching skills. I feel that the most important aspect is developing early credibility. So how do you establish credibility when you were never a good player, never a good coach, and never had any elite students?

You quote.

By quoting world class players, by quoting world class coaches, and showing many videos to your students you can put yourself in league with them. For example, if you recently read a coaching article by Liu Guoliang about the forehand drop shot, then consider teaching them that stroke. At the end of the lesson, you can read the article to them and possibly show them a video of some top players performing the forehand drop shot. Your students will be able to see that you yourself can properly convey the information while validating your sources.

As your students begin to trust you more and more then you won’t need to quote quite as often. Just remember that quoting gives you credibility while showing that you are up-to-date teaching the best techniques in the world.