Texas Wesleyan University Men Texas Wesleyan University Women
Team Name and Division

Texas Wesleyan University (TX Wesleyan), Texas Division

School & Team website/facebook page

Web: http://www.ramsports.net/index.aspx?path=tt

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ramsports

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ramsports

How did the club get founded

Bobby Cornett (Golf Head coach) initiated talks in late 90’s with the president at that time to start the table tennis program. Once Dr. Harold G. Jeffcoat became the president in 2000, Cornett’s idea on table tennis program became reality. Current Texas Wesleyan president, Frederick G. Slabach is big supporter of the program as well.

When and where do they play

At Texas Wesleyan University’s gym in Sid Richardson Center. Available time for Table Tennis practice: MWF 5-7pm and MTWTHF 11am-1pm Saturday 8-12 Sunday 4-8pm. Gym time changes in Fall semester and during the summer.

Who are the top dogs on the team

All players on men’s team are great athletes: Razvan Cretu, Emil Santos, Zhe Feng, Jason Plog, Zhedi Bai, Bruno Ventura Dos Anjos and Shuai Wang. On Women’s Anastasiia Rybka who is also member of the co-ed team.

Why is table tennis their sport

Table Tennis is one of the most played sports around the world and there are some great opportunities for development in many countries. All athletes started playing at early age. Emil is currently on Dominican Republic Team, Bruno was on Brazilian team and Anastassia on Ukraine’s Junior National Team. Jason just finished playing US Pan American trials and he was very close to make the team. This was his first trials for National Team. His goal is to train harder and try to make 2016 Olympic team representing the US. Razvan was former US team member and Zhe Feng was on Chinese National Team.

Predictions for Champs or other competitions

Competition is very tough and our team is trying to compete for top 4 positions and hopefully to have opportunity to play in final and defend championship.

Any unique or other info regarding the team or players

In everyday life athletes on the team have very kind and sweet personalities, but when they compete for our school, they put their game face on and sometimes look very dangerous. The team spirit is one of the important traits that Texas Wesleyan team has.

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