Lily Zhang

Lily Zhang



Timothy Wang

After three grueling days of play the US National Team has been decided. Topping the teams’ list are Lily Zhang and Timothy Wang. Congratulations to these two proven competitors! As every player experienced playing under this type of pressure and through 4 daily matches, the US Team Trials are surely one of  the most intense annual table tennis competitions. Congratulations to all of the competitors for their dedication and commitment to table tennis!

Men’s Top 5 Players & Results
1. Wang, Timothy (ICC) 10-1
2. Zhang, Yahao (TWUTTC) 9-2
3. Nguyen, Khoa Dinh (TopSpin) 9-2
4. Li, Peter (iTable Tennis) 7-4
5. Butler, Jim (Houston TTC) 7-4

Women’s Top 5 Players & Results
1. Zhang Lily (ICC) 11-0
2. Wu, Erica (Gao jun TTC) 10-1
3. Hsing, Ariel (iTable Tennis) 9-2
4. Jha, Prachi (WCTTA) 8-3
5. Lin, Tina (Lily Yip TTC) 6-5