Olympic Team Members: Lily Zhang, Timothy Wang, Ariel Hsing


Paddle Palace congratulates Lily Zhang, Timothy Wang, and Ariel Hsing on their historic Olympic accomplishment! 

   Paddle Palace also congratulates ICC Director, Rajul Sheth, Head Coach Massimo Constantini and all of the assistant coaches and individuals who work so hard to support, not only these three Olympic athletes, but all the exceptional talent at the center.  

   The Olympic trials are over and the results are in!  All three ICC table tennis champions who competed for a coveted spot on the 2012 Olympic team made the cut.  Ariel Hsing, Timothy Wang, and Lily Zhang are all headed to the London games this summer. 

   This is a proud moment for the Bay Area, the Asian-American community, the India Community Center, and STIGA.  In just four short years ICC’s Table Tennis has achieved what no other private training center in the US has ever done.  This is the first time in history when three players from the same home club have qualified simultaneously for the Olympics.  

   National Woman’s Champion Ariel and Runner-up Lily are both Bay Area natives and at age 16 are still in high school, while Former National Champion Timothy moved to the Bay Area from Texas for the intensive training that ICC’s Table Tennis Center offers. These three young champions have trained full-time over several years with STIGA / ICC Elite Team coaches at the Center, including past Olympian Massimo Costantini, and their dedication has paid off. 

   There are more comments to come from these talented players. They will be talking about the emotions of qualifying, the one thing they hung on to through the ups and downs of qualifying, that helped them make it onto the team, and what expectations they will be taking to London both personally and as athletes.