News Flash! Clubs can register free of charge until Feb. 1st! USNTTL
Starting 2/1/2012 the registration fee will be $75. Only only registered clubs may enroll teams in the Nationwide Club Team Competition.  You may register online at:

U.S. Nationwide Table Tennis League Nationwide Club Team Competition
The USNTTL nationwide club competition starts September 2012 for $100,000 in total prize money.

Deadline for entry is June 2012. All teams must enter through their clubs, and clubs may enter multiple teams. The best teams will receive recognition on city, regional and national levels. Registration can be done on the USNTTL website at a fee of $300.00 per team. Prize money to be awarded as follows:

First Division – $40,000
Second Division – $25,000
Third Division – $15,000
Fourth Division – $10,000
School Division – $10,000

For information:
U.S. Nationwide Table Tennis League goals:

• To support and strengthen the USATT club system
• To provide opportunities for clubs to grow
• To motivate and keep our talented players in table tennis
• To provide a high income opportunity for our professionals
• To turn the “basement” players into competition players
• To attract corporate sponsors
• To raise the prize money each year

For more details and to register online go to: