Sara Fu Receiving Serve

Currently, I am using STIGA Carbo 7.6 WRB blade, STIGA Calibra LT Sound as my forehand and Magna TC II as my backhand. Personally, I think it is a great combination for attacking players.

My game style is offensive, but I think consistency is the primary element for me to win matches. Most of the time, I loop with both sides close to the table and take the ball right off the bounce.

The blade is very light, but it is also very powerful because it can cr eate a lot of spin and give me a solid feeling. Calibra LT Sound has an amazing sound that no other rubbers can compare with. Also, I like the softness because it gives me an amazing touch and fast speed. Calibra LT Sound is also a great rubber for counter looping. Magna TC II is the one of my favorite backhand rubbers that I have ever played with. It has perfect hardness that is designed for looping and also hitting players. This rubber is very steady, and it really helped me control the ball better.

 Again, I am happy that I found the perfect equipment which fits my style. It will definitely help me to improve my techniques, and it will also lead me to have a better performance in tournaments.