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What’s so hot about JUIC’s Nano Spin II?

Stellan Bengtson talks about JUIC's Nano Spin II...

Ask Stellan Bengtsson

Now is your chance to ask World Champion, Stellan Bengtsson a table tennis question. ...

Stellan Bengtsson Heads Willamette TTC Camp

Willamette TT Club

Stellan Bengtsson heads up the Willamette Table Tennis Club's upcoming August Summer Camps. Check out the details of this...

Serving by Stellan Bengtsson

Stellan Bengtsson advises, "Make sure you are aware of the consequences of your serve. If you serve long, step out and get ready for...

Physical Training for the Table Tennis Player, by Stellan Bengtsson

Stellan Bengtsson, former World Champ and respected coach, focuses on physical training for the elements of Endurance, Strength, Speed, and Flexibility for improving your...

Stellan Bengtsson brings World Championship Training to USA

2006: Stellan Bengtsson, former World Champion and respected coach, brings a "World Class Training Experience" to players in USA. ...
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