Should I Buy a Training Robot? 

Answer by: Jasna Rather, Texas Wesleyan University Coach
In the US where there are not so many organized places for practice, it is good to have robot because you can always have some form of practice. If you get any coaching in clubs, you can always use those tips in your practice with the robot. Also, new robots have so many functions and they can do almost as much as some practice partner. Robots can be programmed to do exercises which are great for players that cannot have every day sparing partners.

 Answer by: Samson Dubina, Rated 2461, 2009 US Men’s National Finalist.
Yes you should buy a training robot.  Here are some reasons why both players and coaches should all have a robot: 

1. Extremely Precise.
A table tennis robot is much more precise than any coach can block or feed multiball and is equipped with a variety of drills for footwork, loop, block, serve return, smash, and strategy.

2. All Perspectives.
The player’s coach can watch the player from 360 degrees, which allows the coach to see from different angles every detail of his student’s footwork and swing.

3. Reading spin. 
Returning serves is the most difficult thing for a coach to teach.  Robots can serve difficult spins with placement and depth variation.

4. Customize. 
With the click of a button, drills can be customized for anyone: first-year students to national champions.

5. Never misses. 
The robot gives a very consistent ball for beginners and the most difficult random ball for advanced players – without missing.

6. Re-filter system. 
With a catch-net behind the robot, one can play for 20 minutes or more without delaying a coaching session to pick up a single ball.

7. Righty/Lefty. 
With the click of a button, some robots can be switched for right-handed students or left-handed students.

8. All games styles. 
The drills are specifically designed for specialized game styles – looper, blocker, chopper, lobber, and counter-driver.

9. Fitness
A player can burn between 650-1000 calories per hour during an intense training session with the robot.

10. Variety
Every day, a player can vary his workout by changing to different drills to learn how to play against every game style. 

 Answer by: Stellan Bengtsson, Only player to have won singles, doubles and teams at both the Worlds and Europe Championships. 67 International singles, doubles and team titles. Coached Jorgen Persson, JO Waldner, Peter Karlsson and Erik Lindh, all World and Europe Champions
Personally I do not believe in robots. You might get the ball on the table with a weird stroke. The robot can’t tell you how to do. If you live where you don’t have any practice partners the robot can be an option.

Answer by: Tahl Leibovitz, USATT National Coach and Paralympic Gold Medalist           
Training robots are excellent.  There are two main reasons why everyone should own a training robot.  The robot can put the ball in the same place with the same speed and spin.  This is very important because when you want to work on a particular technique you need to the ball to be in one location and at one speed.  This is why many players higher top level coaches.  The coaches are able to put the ball to virtually the same place all the time, only the robot can do it better and is a lot more inexpensive.

It is also good to have a robot because after you have done all your training you can do service practice.  You’ll find when the robot is set up and you are done training, you will want to practice serves.  Service practice is very important.