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3 Awesome Footwork Drills

Nittaku Girl Sarah Jalli shares her 3 favorite footwork drills courtesy of the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy. Forehand 1 and 1 Backhand Crosscourt and Backhand Down-the-Line & Forehand Crosscourt and Forehand...

Coaching Tip: Start Drills with a Serve

Most players practice with drills that are very different from what they actually do in a...

Coaching Tip: Proper Practice Progression Prevents Poor Play

Do you do the Six P's? Proper Practice Progression Prevents Poor Play. (Or, as I sometimes...

Coaching Tip: Learning to Counterloop

Once you get past serve & receive, the basic rallying shot at the highest levels is...

The Physical Aspects of Your Table Tennis Game: Endurance; Speed; And Strength

To me being in great physical shape is a very important component to a...

Coaching Tip: The Falkenberg Drill

The Falkenberg Drill (also called the Two-One Drill and the Backhand-Forehand-Forehand Drill) is probably the most...

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