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Adam Bobrow rates YOUR crazy table tennis shots

Adam Bobrow reviewed some of your coolest shots on this installment of #androRateMyShot!...

Sharath Kamal Achanta rates Your crazy table tennis shots!

Sharath Kamal Achanta took time to review your #TableTennis shots on this installment of #androRateMyShot!...

2022 Northshore TTC Spring Open

Jimmy Butler (TX) continues his winning ways defeating Ojo Onaolapo for first place in the 2022 Northshore TTC Spring Open. Congratulations Jimmy and keep the winning streak alive! The Northshore...

LA Schools League – Owls vs. Trojans White

Owls (WISH Charter) lost to Trojans White (St. Catherine Laboure) 1-4 Ryan Scott lost to Andrew Gonzalez 0-3 (7, 6, 1)Ila Bagnara lost to Dean Damandaman 0-3 (11, 7, 8)Rylee...

LA Schools League – Owls vs. Trojans Red

Owls (WISH Charter) defeated Trojans Red (St. Catherine Laboure) 5-0 CJ Lucey defeated Sarah McDorman 3-0 (7, 5, 8)Ryan Scott defeated Javier Morales 3-2 (3, 13, -8, -6, 2)CJ Lucey/Ila...

Seth Pech Takes on the Alguetti Trio

Facing a strong opponent is no easy task. When that opponent has two additional siblings that are also highly ranked, you have your work cut out for you. This edition...
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