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Playing Out of Your Mind

Courtesy of Coach Samson Dubina When Olympic athletes perform their best, they play smoothly, moving into position hitting strong shots without overthinking about the technical details of their strokes. There...

LA Schools League – Gold Eagles vs. Eagles

Gold Eagles (San Gabriel Academy) defeated Eagles (Adventist Union School) 4-1 Leo Liu defeated Manny Chacon 3-0 (4, 5, 4)Marilyn Gonzales defeated Cyrus Amargo 3-0 (7, 6, 8)Leo Liu/Espy Olivares...

LA Schools League – Owls vs. Lightning

Owls (WISH Charter) lost to Lightning (South Bay Table Tennis) 0-5 CJ Lucey lost to Taylor Wong 1-3 (6, -4, 5, 9)Rylee Goldstein lost to Gregory Wallace 1-3 (10, -8,...

LA Schools League – Lions B vs. Lions A

Lions B (Le Lycee Francais de L.A.) lost to Lions A (Le Lycee Francais de L.A.) 1-4 Roc Morgan lost to Daiki Harimoto 0-3 (7, 8, 7)Liam Saunders lost to...

LA Schools League – SWAT vs. We Fly

SWAT (Los Angeles Adventist Academy) defeated We Fly (Los Angeles Adventist Academy) 5-0 Drew Woods defeated Aniyah Williams 3-2 (-8, -5, 10, 5, 5)Alarric Staten defeated Malik Pleasant 3-2 (-5,...

LA Schools League – Trojans White vs. Trojans Red

Trojans White (St. Catherine Laboure) defeated Trojans Red (St. Catherine Laboure) 5-0 Ian Abagat defeated Garrett Williamson 3-0 (0, 7, 5)Dean Damandaman defeated Christopher Mendez 3-0 (2, 9, 1)Ian Abagat/Horacio...
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