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LA Schools League – Blue Eagles vs. SWAT

Blue Eagles (San Gabriel Academy) defeated SWAT (Los Angeles Adventist Academy) 5-0 Seth Sacro defeated Drew Woods 3-0 (9, 6, 8)Liam Guadiz defeated Andrew Hopper 3-0 (9, 6, 3)Aubrey Magtira/Andrea...

Winning Ugly

Coach Samson Dubina speaks to the importance of getting the job done when it matters most! Play Smarter instead of just Amazing. Paddle Palace Pro Tip: If your opponent can’t...

LA Schools League – ZBoys vs. Killer Whales.

ZBoys (PS1) lost to Killer Whales (Village Christian and Oakwood) 0-5 Trace Ebeling lost to Jack Fink 0-3 (4, 5, 7)Sean Luk lost to Isaac Penn 0-3 (2, 7, 6)Trace...

LA Schools League – Killer Whales vs. ZBoys

Killer Whales (Village Christian and Oakwood) defeated ZBoys (PS1) 5-0 Jack Fink defeated Sean Luk 3-0 (3, 2, 6)Isaac Penn defeated Trace Ebeling 3-0 (7, 8, 5)Jack Fink/Isaac Penn defeated...

LA Schools League – Lightning vs. Owls

Lightning (South Bay Table Tennis) defeated Owls (WISH Charter) 4-1 Leilani Lopez defeated Ryan Scott 3-0 (3, 2, 1)Kenny Tran defeated CJ Lucey 3-2 (8, 9, -8, -4, 10)Taylor Wong/Daniel...

2022 International Children’s Games – LA Team Tryout

Tryout to be a part of Team Los Angeles at the 2022 International Children’s Games Sign up to participate in the May 14 team selection tryout for the 2022 International...
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