Paddle Palace Star Player and Coach, Seth Pech wants to help you master the most important shot in the game. Seth provides a full tutorial to learn how the Chinese dominate the game with their loop kills while the Europeans manage to keep the ball in play just one more time! If you want to break 2000 in ratings with an awesome Forehand Loop, you must watch this complete comprehensive Video Master Class.

Content in this Video
0:00 – Intro
1:05 – Body Posture and Stance
1:57 – Stroke Structure and Form
2:27 – Finish Position
3:04 – Underspin Stroke vs Topspin Stroke Differences
3:55 – Using the Forearm Properly
4:33 – Sequence of Body Movements
5:13 – Keeping a Stable Racket Angle for Faster learning
5:52 – medicine Ball Drill For Body Connection
6:31 – Keeping Stroke Uniform Every Time
7:09 – How to Hit to Different Locations on the Table
8:26 – Taking a Backswing While Moving
9:30 – Hitting in Front vs Hitting Later Timing
12:12 – How to Hit more in front of Body Drill
13:17 – Benefits of learning to play with a more Open Angle Racket
15:41 – Chinese Loop Kill against Underspin
19:00 – Looping Low Medium long underspin Loops
20:07 – Looping over the table against underspin
20:48 – Looping High long pushes
21:42 – Counter looping Heavy Topspin balls
22:58 – How to Adjust for very fast shots to Forehand
24:33 – Long Chinese swing vs shorter European swing
26:30 – Smashing or looping High balls
27:55 – Closing thoughts

Seth’s Blade –
Seth’s FH Rubber –
Seth’s BH Rubber –

Paddle Palace Pro Tip – Practice your loop against as many different styles as possible to help improve your timing, body position and targeting. Move with your feet to get into the best position possible and then start your stroke prior to determining where you are going to aim.

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