Mattias Falck and his team SV Werder Bremen are going to play a semifinal in the German Bundesliga playoff on Wednesday the 10th of June. They are facing a tough opponent, 1. FC Saarbrücken TT with players like Patrick Franziska and Shang Kun. We asked Mattias before the game:

How was your preparation for the playoff?

I had a good preparation first at home in Halmstad, than one week in Bremen together with the team. On Monday we arrived to Saarbrücken, looking forward to the game. 

What do you think about your chances against Saarbrücken?

It is going to be a tough match, they have a strong team and finished on the top of the Bundesliga in the ground series. But we played good against them, and could win both games this season, but now we play without dubbels so I see them as little favorits. 

How is it going to be for you after the playoff?

I will have 2 weeks holiday without table tennis, but will be back in the beginning of juli, than we will have a national team training camp in Köping.

The match will be available 10th of June, 13:00PM livestream at

Good luck Mattias!

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