2018 Paddle Palace Winter Round Robin

By Jay Crystal

Paddle Palace Club Giant Round Robin—December 8th, 2018

PPC hosted a Giant Round Robin Tournament on December 8th. 27 players were seeded into 5 groups, two of 5 players and 3 of 6 players. The second round had the 1 through 4 finishers placed into 4 groups of 5. The fifth and sixth place finishers were placed into two groups of four with the number one finishers having a playoff for the top two division 5 players. This was the first sanctioned tournament in the US using the new yellow Nittaku Nexcel 3-Star 40+ Ball.

Results are as follows:

Group | Winners | Runner-ups

Group 1  | Jiwei Xia | Sarang Bhaway

Group 2  | Alex Badmaev | Tom Lackaff

Group 3  | Gerald Yaneza | Viktor Khlevnoy

Group 4  | Burke Walls | Yevgeniy Mayevskiy

Group 5  | Zack Riccelli | Chuck Brockway

PPC members were victorious in all of the groups!