Paddle Palace and Nittaku are Partners and Sponsors of Broward Table Tennis Club Tournaments. If you are in Miami you need to stop by for one of the best clubs on the coast! Their next great event is scheduled for December 14th and 15th.  Enter Today!

Big Winners include:

Open Singles
1st – Emil Santos (Texas Wesleyan University)
2nd – Vinay Desai
3rd/4th – Cedric Oba & Isaac Vila

Women’s Singles
Champion: Natalia Sotomayor

U-2400 Singles
1st – Cedric Don A Oba
2nd – Isaac Vila

U-2200 Singles
1st –  Jonathan Santamaria
2nd – Natalia Sotomayor

U-2000 Singles
1st – Derek Velasquez
2nd – Felipe Godoy

U-1800 Singles
1st –  William Reyes
2nd – Gabriel Orozco

 U-1600 Singles
1st – Person Edouard
2nd – Michael Weinstock

U-1400 Singles
1st – Joshua Acevedo
2nd – Ty Dixon

Giant RR Class “A” Singles
1st – Jose Alvarez
2nd – Jonathan Santamaria

Giant RR Class “B” Singles
1st – Derek Velasquez
2nd –  Place: Jeff Swersky

Giant RR Class “C” Singles
1sr – Ralph Clesca
2nd – Gabriel Orozco

Giant RR Class “D” Singles
1st – Sicong Huang
2nd – Michael Weinstock

Juniors U-13 Singles 
1st – Luis Mejia
2nd – Nathan Cuadros

Teams U-3000
1st –  Joshua Acevedo – Luis Mejia
2nd –  Adrian Rollins – Sudan Khalfani

TEAMS U-3600
1st – Person Edouard – Luis Sujo
2nd – Michael Supper – Mike Pella – Roman Kats

TEAMS U-4200
1st –  Jonathan Santamaria – Jose Arteaga – Hugo Su
2nd –  Joel Reyes – Winston Lopez

TEAMS U-4800
1st –  Isaac Vila – Emmanuel Lozano
2nd – Bin Hai Chu – Vinay Desai
3rd – Emil Santos – Frank Arias

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