Best Beginner-Intermediate Rubber!

 Nittaku Factive

By Samson Dubina

You have hundreds of different table tennis rubbers to choose from. Which should you choose? I recently chose Factive for my daughters, Fiona age 7 and Kenzie age 5. Why did I choose Factive, because it has thin sponge and good control while maintaining a decent amount of speed and spin. Since switching to Factive, they are playing significantly better.

Thin sponge makes a significant difference in the weight of the racket. For kids, their arms can get fatigued with a heavy racket if they do a 1-2 hour training session. Surprisingly, not many TT rubbers have 1.4mm sponge option. The control for a rubber is also a very significant part. When beginners are learning to swing, they need to take the full stroke and be able to impart spin, not speed. Many professional rubbers are way too fast and don’t allow them to develop the full swing. Factive also offers good spin. When learning to make contact with the ball, a recreational rubber is ok; but when learning to push and loop and serve with spin, a professional rubber is absolutely necessary. Factive gives the best amount of speed, spin, control for any player that is at the beginner to intermediate level and looking to develop spin shots! I highly recommend it!

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Nittaku Factive
Used by Kenzie Dubina (US #1 ranked 5-year-old)
Used by Fiona Dubina (US #4 ranked 7-year-old)