Check out how Ma Long & Fan Zhendong trains ahead of their matches at the 2018 Team World Cup to get ready in top form!

Elements to watch:

  • Both players are ready for the next ball
  • Both players are using their full body to generate power and speed
  • Both players use their non-playing hand for balance
  • Every ball has quality topspin from both players when attacking
  • Both players play the ball to a specific location on the table throughout training
  • Block players have firm blocks with soft follow through
  • Both players hold their position extremely well and don’t give up the table
  • Fan really bends his knees on all his attacks
  • Ma stays soft on his feet when blocking
  • Both players are super focused on each and every shot of every point

Which Blades are these World Champions using?

DHS Hurricane Long 5 Blade STIGA Infinity VPS V Blade