On February 10th & 11th, the Paddle Palace Club will be hosting a USA Table Tennis Sanctioned tournament featuring 12 events event with $1000 in cash prizes in Portland, Oregon.  First class conditions include: Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ balls made in Japan (white), 9 Donic Waldner Premium 30 tables with Donic Stress nets, ITTF-approved red sports flooring and LED lighting.

Download the tournament entry blank. Check out the players entered in the event at Omnipong. Currently, the Paddle Palace Club October Open winner Jiwei Xia has entered as well as Ryan Hoarfrost the winner of the Paddle Palace Club December Open.

Jiwei uses the Nittaku Tornado King Speed blade with Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Orange rubber on his forehand and Nittaku Hammond Power rubber on his backhand.

Watch the 2017 Paddle Palace December Open on facebook.

Watch the 2017 Paddle Palace October Open on facebook.

2017 Paddle Palace Club October Open