by Adam Bobrow

There are many things that I love about Kanak Jha. One, he’s just a cool, thoughtful person. Two, he loves table tennis. So, we have this tradition, after last year when he won the North America Cup as a 13 year old in Burnaby, Canada… as soon as it was over, I was finished commentating and able to play. So I went running down to the court after the award ceremony and said to the champion after all of his matches (and he played the most AND the most recently… along with the runner up), “Kanak… wanna hit some?” and he said with genuine excitement “SURE!”

So this year, after the award ceremony, I came running down but the Double Fish executives from China were there and local workers had already started disassembling the table. I saw two table surfaces nearby…
Me: Hey, Kanak! Wanna hit a few?
Kanak: Can we?
Me: Sure! Why not?
Kanak: Do you have a ball?
Me: Yeah! Let’s go!This is what it looked like. The Double Fish execs seemed amused. Kanak and I sure were. 8>)