2013 Club Champions2

Photos from the final and the award ceremony:

The brought over 50 students to Las Vegas for the tournament. You could see their students all over the place. Coaches of either team did not have time to go out of the playing hall for lunches. Both clubs worked collaboratedly, mostly handled by parents, to get lunch boxes for their players, coaches, and parents. Over 300 lunch boxes were ordered throughout the tournament. 

ICC was top seed and SVTTC the second and here is the reason.

Team ICC:

  • Zhou, Xin (2724) – #1 active US player
  • Liang, Yonghui (2662) – #5 active US player
  • Wang, Timothy (2570) – 3 time US Champion in Men’s Singles. Well, at the time of the team contest. He hasn’t won his third.
  • Han, Zheng (2580) – former Chinese provincial team player 
  • Wang, Rui (2542) – former Chinese provincial team player
  • Ren, Ruiqin (2440) – former Chinese provincial team player

ICC defeated LYTTC (Lily Yip Table Tennis club in New Jersey) in the semi while SVTTC defeated the defending champion CCCF (Chinese Community Center of Flushing, New York) in another semi on Friday to set up the final on the final day of the 2013 US Nationals. ICC had the upper hand on the paper and they did win 3-0 but the quality of the matches wow’ed the handful of spectators at 9AM. The team contest had live streaming.

You may see for yourselves. It was the first event on the Day 3:

Congratulations to both teams and really appreciate the professionlism they’ve shown. Their uniform and their on the court concentration really set an example for the US players. 

Article courtesy of Bruce Liu of BATTF