Judy Hugh

I use the Tube Aluminum blade with Boost TX/Boost TS on the forehand and backhand, respectively. I like the Tube Aluminum blade not only because is it light in weight and balanced, but also because it’s fast, yet easy to control at the same time. While I do play a pretty offensive style (and attack on both sides), I also like to block with control and placement.

The Boost TS rubber is great for just that. Since it has a softer sponge than the Boost TX that allows the ball to sink into the sponge on the blocks. On the backhand, I like to vary between slow and spiny loops as well as hard punches.  Boost TS’s soft sponge gives good spin and quick acceleration on those shots.

Boost TX’s sponge is just a little harder, good for the stronger and more powerful forehand. Both Boost TX and Boost TS have the built-in speed glue effect, providing good speed in every attack. I would recommend these rubbers for players who like to attack on both sides, and stay mid-distance from the table.