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Competition & Events

Tournaments, Leagues, Exhibitions, and Demonstrations

LA Schools League – Lions B vs. Lions A

Lions B (Le Lycee Francais de L.A.) lost to Lions...

LA Schools League – SWAT vs. We Fly

SWAT (Los Angeles Adventist Academy) defeated We Fly (Los Angeles...

LA Schools League – Trojans White vs. Trojans Red

Trojans White (St. Catherine Laboure) defeated Trojans Red (St. Catherine...

LA Schools League – Saints vs. Lions

Saints (West Covina Hills Adventist) defeated Lions (East Valley Adventist...

LA Schools League – Eagles vs. Blue Eagles

Eagles (Adventist Union School) lost to Blue Eagles (San Gabriel...

LA Schools League – We Fly vs. Eagles

We Fly (Los Angeles Adventist Academy) lost to Eagles (Adventist...
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