myTischtennis readers (Germany’s largest table tennis portal) have recently been able to take a close look at the green Rasanter R48 and the rubber completely convinced the testers: 

In all categories, the testers awarded an average of at least 8 out of 10 points. 

Overall, a point average of 8.2 has been achieved.

The Rasanter R48 received its best rating in the categories “speed”, “game from half distance” and “suitability for the serve-return game”, here an average of 8.3 points was awarded in each category. The rubber received 8.2 average points in the category “Spin”, 8.1 points on average for “suitability for counter-topspin”, 8.0 points for “control” and “blocking behavior”. Comments lead to some further tendencies. According to testers, Rasanter R48 is a rubber that is designed for a fast and attack-oriented game, but still feels a little softer than 48 degrees and only doesn’t seem to be suitable for beginners.

“Great for the spin-rich offensive game”

Bernd Hauser summarized: 
“The rubber is really nice to play. Ideal on the forehand. It has a lot of spin, the speed is also right and I was able to get used to the rubber after a short time. The rubber is great on the forehand. On the backhand it is Iess suitable because it’s harder to control. I think the rubber is great in any case and can only recommend it.” 

The perception of Christian Herold was similar, he found: 
“The rubber is great for the spin-rich offensive game. Very rotational serves are possible. The rubber is less suitable for beginners, because the movement to the ball should be clean to experience whole potential. I would wish that the Energy Cell Sponge would also be available in soft.”

“The R48 feels much softer than 48 degrees (rather 45-46) and has a medium-high jump. The catapult starts pleasantly, which makes it quite easy to play,” stated Patrick Ruber. “From half-distance it plays quite comfortably. Counter-topspins are easy. But close to the table it becomes more difficult due to the softness and the flat rebound. All in all a controlled rubber that could be a bit more poisonous.” 

Uwe Blaufelder, on the other hand, was of the opinion: 
“R48 is especially suitable for the game with spin variations, because as a player at a medium level player (1600 TTR points) it allows me to hit short underspin serves both hard and long , as well as a very short with a shallow placement behind the net. In addition, it has enough catapult to be able to counter-strike flat topspin balls, which is even more important for my game than the counter-topspin.”

Explosive topspins with high control and strong spin development

Alexander Relea Linder perceived the R48 as follows: 
“Explosive topspins are possible with this rubber, with high control and strong spin development. You can counterattack very well from half distance. Great rubber, which I will keep on my blade during the winter break and continue to test.” 

The situation is similar for Andre Korff: 
“Very good rubber. High ball bounce when countering, extremely controlled in passive play. Develops good speed in active play. No changeover time, good feeling straight away. Will definitely switch to the rubber. The green color has been something to get used to at first, but then it’s really cool.” 

The R48 also convinced Thiemo Holzhäuer all along the line: 
“What isn’t the rubber capable of? After rubbers that were constantly getting harder, there is finally a ray of light in the sky of table tennis rubbers that can be played with joy. If you’re not playing classic forehand defense, the rubber is suitable for every player type. The spin is enormous. Flips almost fly over the net by themselves. Blocks are a surefire hit. Serves work great. The rubber has at most one weakness: If you approach a spin-loaded ball too passively, it flies away with little linearity. Otherwise a great product!”
andro Rasanter R48 Rubber

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