Sarah at WTT Youth Event

Dear Paddle Palace & Nittaku, 

Hope you and your family are doing well over these last couple of months! I just wanted to give you a quick update on how my game is going. 

I had the amazing opportunity to play my first international tournament, the Panamerican Youth Championships in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic from 9/10-9/18. It was a very exciting experience, and I was extremely happy with my performance. Out of four events, I was able to come home with three gold medals and one silver medal. The three golds were Cadet Girls Teams, Cadet Girls Doubles, and Cadet Girls Singles and the silver medal was Cadet Mixed Doubles. After I came back, I took a rest for two days to catch up on schoolwork that I missed but started training hard right after I finished my work. On 10/8-10/9, I played another big tournament called the Presper Financial Architects Open at the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy. There were many high-level players and some tough competition, but I was able to pull through some nerve-wracking matches to achieve my highest USATT rating yet, of 2507!

Because of the great results that I’ve had recently, I’m more motivated than ever to train hard for some important international tournaments coming up in the next couple of months. From 11/13-11/19, I’ll be representing Team USA at the Panamerican Adult Championships in Lima, Peru in order to qualify for the 2022 World Championships. Then, I plan to participate in the Panamerican Junior Games from 11/25-12/5 which will take place in Cali, Colombia. My goal for these tournaments is to just try my very best for every point and keep fighting! 

Thank you so much for the continued support and I’ll make sure to keep promoting Nittaku!

Best regards, 

Sarah Jalli

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